Twitter Marketing for Real Estate Investors

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There are certain trends that happen in society that can actually help us as marketers.

Social media is one of those trends. The reason why it’s so good is because it’s an invitation to communicate with people.

Now I’m not talking about how a cold caller communicates when they call you during dinner. None of us like to be interrupted like that about an offer we have no interest in.

What we’re focusing on here is communicating a message that has a personal connection to your prospect. The more messages they receive from you about what it is they care about, the more comfortable they will become with you.

You’re no longer a salesperson trying to buy their home. You’re the person they begin to count on with information about THEIR neighborhood, THEIR home value, THEIR personal space.

This is a very personal level for you to be able to CONNECT with them on.


In your marketing to the neighborhoods you’re trying to be THE expert in, include your Twitter address and invite people to follow you.

Tell home owners that they don’t want to miss your DAILY posts about what’s happening in their neighborhood. This helps condition them that they’ll be hearing from you regularly about what should be very important to them.

Let them know you’re regularly posting about market conditions, home sales, crime, etc.

These are important things that affect them and their family directly.

In these messages include how you’re ready, willing and able to buy houses FAST if they should ever need your service or know someone who does.

Remind them if they’re ever feeling overwhelmed financially that you’re here to help them get out from under their houses payments FAST.

You’re THEIR REAL ESTATE EXPERT who can help them FAST.

You get the idea.

Unlike feeling spammed when receiving multiple emails a day from the same person, the good thing about social networking is that people are used to getting several messages throughout the day from all kinds of people.

In fact, they crave to be updated. Have you noticed how people are always staring at their phones and constantly scrolling? They’re ACTIVELY participating in getting updated on new things people have to say.

Use this new acceptance of communication to get in front of your target neighborhoods on a regular basis throughout the day…every day.

Let the home owners know when you’re going to be in their neighborhood in case they’d like you to stop by and chat about how you can buy their house lightning fast.

Be consistent with your posting. Reply when people respond to you. Always be looking for information you can be posting about.

Post when you have a house for sale in THEIR NEIGHBORHOOD.

Mention how you helped another family in financial need in THEIR NEIGHBORHOOD.

Mention how you sold another house in THEIR NEIGHBORHOOD helping to secure property values.

All these CONSISTENT actions are proving to them that you really ARE the area expert.


As if this wasn’t good enough, your Twitter messages can be sent and received in a flash…

And it’s FREE to do.

If you haven’t added Twitter Marketing to your efforts yet, head over to and sign up for a free account today and start reaching out to your target audience to become THEIR EXPERT.

I hope this helps!


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