You Can Have a Promo Video Like This For Your Business Too (The price is CHEAP!)…

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If you want to make a BIG SPLASH promoting something in your business, regardless of what it is, the type of video above might be something to consider in your efforts to get attention.

This can be the starting point that helps you build momentum and anticipation for what you have to offer.

I’m using the above video in particular to help promote a new training program I recently released.

You might look at this video and think it cost a lot of money to create.

That’s where I have some very good news for you. This video cost exactly $5!

That’s right…FIVE DOLLARS!

It almost seems too good to be true right? 

There’s a website where people post all kinds of jobs they can do for you for only $5. The name of the website is

It’s free to join. Once there you can put in search criteria for whatever type of item you’re looking for.

To find people who have video templates that can include whatever you want to say, do a search on that site for “intro video” to get the ball rolling.

Search around that site a bit and I bet you get excited about all kinds of things that will help your business for just $5!

Make good things happen…



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