Below are some thoughts people have kindly shared with us about the trainings we provide…

I love your courses. I’m buying more of them. You are awesome. You have helped me out so much. I don’t know how I can ever pay you back.

Thank you,

Thomas Erb
Gilbert, AZ


This is the first time I’ve ever bought a book and taken the time to write to the author about how satisfied I am. The Judgment Investing guide is very well written — more fact filled and direct than most of my college textbooks. I’m also impressed and appreciative of how available you are in answering questions – much more so than my professors in college. Thanks again for the time and attention.
Mark – thank you very, very much for all the help & keep up the good work.

Paul Whitmer
Pittsburgh, PA

I am almost finished my first reading of your book, “Judgment Investing”. I had to take a moment to tell you that what you have put together is interesting and has me glued to my chair. It is more like a novel than a text book but in the excitement I find I am putting thoughts together like pearls. Not only do you do the best job of “Show and Tell” but you make the reader think and expand. So paying for the course is not enough. I just had to take time to say “Thank You”.

Gerald Z
Scottsdale, AZ

I just received “The Complete Guide to Judgment Investing” and it is a powerful book on all the ins and outs of judgment investing. It will take you from A to Z in how to get started in this niche. I have already fielded several calls from the ads I have placed and am in the process of purchasing a variety of notes now.

Craig Daniger
Granada Hills, CA

Thank you so very, very much! You are the best. You seem to always over deliver. I look forward to purchasing more and telling others.

Akera El
North Carolina


I have purchased two products from you so far and the information is outstanding! It is much more organized, thorough and informative than products that I have paid hundreds for. Thanks for being affordable and thorough.

Mike Sanders
Roanoke, VA


Thanks a MILLION. I am pleased and amazed at the content for such a low price.

Earl Halstead

I rarely have high expectations when I buy inexpensive materials on the net but your information was powerful, simple and complete. My extra bonus was that your information is written from the perspective of an investor. THANKS guys!

David G

You really give the nuts and bolts of real-estate where other courses my wife and I tried were fluff they didn’t explain anything to us to help.

Jeffery Doolittle
Soddy-Daisy, TN

THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! For the first time in my life I’m putting my money into material that is real and isn’t a let down when I close the last page. No fluff is what you offer and I need that in my life and for my financial education and success.

Venus W
San Pablo, CA

There are a lot of people selling REI information out there but few compare to the quality and just good nuts and bolts information that you are offering.


Patrick Burns, Dolphin Homes & Properties LLC
East Wenatchee, WA

We are very grateful to be able to share our training’s with you in hopes that it helps you and your family. Please share what you learn with others so together we can help make a positive impact on several lives…

Thank you!