Real Estate Investing Goal | Doing 1 Real Estate Deal Per Month – or WEEK

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Today let’s consider setting a goal of Doing 1 Real Estate Deal Per Month – or WEEK!

Here’s a cool strategy to help make this happen…

1. Consider downloading this free-software that will show you how to super charge this goal…

This cool 30-Second Tool shows you EXACTLY how many leads you need to Achieve HUGE results…AND guide you through the process.

2. Next go over to my killer resources page and scroll down until you find the section where investors are paying finder’s fees for leads…

If you hook up with one of them you’re basically outsourcing the EFFORT and TIME necessary to perform the needed exit-strategy in order to get the deal closed.

This can help you not only save a TON of time…

It can also help you build momentum…

And relieve you of a lot of the pressure that can go along with the efforts and holding costs needed until the deal  actually closes.

This way you can be focusing on finding the leads (your initial effort) so you can turn them over to these investors who are currently paying finder’s fees.

This huge time-saving strategy should be particularly helpful if you have a busy life and still want to be profiting with real estate.

3. Once you begin to earn finder’s fees and learn what these investors are actively looking for (and profiting from)…

You can begin to consider closing some of these deals yourself and keeping the lion’s share of the profits they generate.

The Moral – Decide that you’re going to try to GET-PAID at least once a month (or once a week) by setting a goal to find leads. Then outsource the closing to other investors who will pay you for these leads. Once you’ve generated some moola you can consider closing these deals yourself for a bigger slice of the pie.

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Remember, whatever you’re trying to accomplish I know YOU can do it!


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