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Private Money Lenders – Free Real Estate Investing Book

Posted on 04. Nov, 2015 by .


Need to find private lenders for your real estate investing? You’re not alone because the ability to find cash for real estate deals is one of the biggest concerns for real estate investors.

The landscape for how to be able to find private lenders has changed.

We’ve recently updated our book called, “How To Find Millions In Private Money Loans” and we want to GIVE it to you here at No Cost

It Includes…

– Private Money Sources…

– Business Credit Sources…

– Proof Of Funds Sources…


Get your copy here at no cost TODAY

Go to the page above – input your email address – and I’ll send you the book and money sources for real estate investors.

The reason I’m asking for your email address is because I’ll most likely be updating this book again in the future with NEW MONEY SOURCES.

I want you to be grandfathered-in so you get future editions at no-cost too.

When it’s updated I can then send you the new money sources as they become available.

So you’ll always have access to cash for deals…

Go here and download your copy today for free.

I hope this helps!


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Demo of New Real Estate Investing APP – No Real Estate Investor Should Be Without This Killer App

Posted on 03. Nov, 2014 by .


Check out this brand new real estate investing app that…

– Automatically Finds Comps Online

– Immediately Applies a Formula to Give You (3) Key Values

– Instantly Tells You What to Offer

Check out the DEMO and see for yourself how cool this app is…


Once you’ve got it, turn it over to a Virtual Assistant to find you all
kinds of deals, comps, and suggested offer prices.


Once they’ve done that FOR YOU have them turn the info back over to
you to make the offers and close the deals.

Watch how simple it is to type in a 25K profit and what the app does next for you.

Use this app to shorten the time you spend analyzing leads.

Watch as it tells you what a property is worth and what to offer for it in seconds…

No real estate investor should be without this cool APP!

It was created by another fellow investor.

I’m one of the first people he’s shared this with
and I wanted to share it with you ASAP…

Take it for a Spin and see how much you Love It

If you missed my last fun strategy-video… Click to watch it now :8)


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New free tool – Plug in zip code find CASH BUYERS

Posted on 12. Mar, 2013 by .


Watch my quick video demonstration of new FREE-TOOL where you type in a zip code, hit search, and cash buyers spit out from most any area of the country…

Watch the quick video while it’s still up and start grabbing buyers in your area asap.

I hope this helps!

Mark ~

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3 Examples of How To Structure a Real Estate Deal

Posted on 08. Feb, 2012 by .


Hey there…

I’m hangin’ out with the animals noticing it’s a bit hazy here today. It still feels good outside though and the dogs can’t wait for their walk… and neither can I!

3 Ways To Structure Deals
A buddy of mine who’s a full time investor just posted a VERY detailed video that shows 3 examples of ways to structure deals. He’s using software that he created in this video. You can leave any questions you have underneath it.
Click Here to watch the  deal structuring video

Ginger’s at it again…

The other day I put out a bale of hay for my goats Ben and Jerry on top
of a picnic table thinking it would be too high for my pot bellied pig Ginger
to get to. Guess she showed me :8)


Talk to you soon…

Mark ~

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3 Ways To Find Cash Buyers For Your Real Estate Business

Posted on 26. Jan, 2012 by .


It’s important to have an exit strategy before you risk your money investing in a property. One way is to have cash buyers already lined up…

Start interviewing real estate agents to help you find cash buyers and Bank REO property leads.

Your target real estate agent that you’re trying to create a relationship with is one that’s new whose hungry and motivated to find new leads. You’re looking for someone who will appreciate you so you can build a long term relationship.

Agents that have been around a long time and have lots of business aren’t the perfect candidate. You’re looking for someone new and fresh to the business.

Since these agents have access to the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), have them pull CASH transactions that have been recorded in the MLS in the last 90-120 days. 

Ask them for a map of the results, or a copy of the spreadsheet they download within the MLS. With that information you can begin zeroing in on the price points that properties are selling, along with the hot cash buyer activity areas by zip code.

The reason for this is you’re finding out what the market is buying. That way you can supply the demand. You do that targeting your marketing to acquire these types of properties.

Then you’ll want to begin separating that list by zip code. You’re looking for the areas that have had the most cash buyer activity.

In the beginning, narrow your focus down to 3-5 zip codes that have the most cash transactions.

If you’re finding a lot of zip codes, to help narrow down your search, look for desirable amenities in the area the homes are in that will help sell your properties. For example: close to access to transportation, freeways, shopping, entertainment, parks, good school districts, lower crime, etc. This criteria will help you find more desirable areas that people want to buy and live in.

Also Google “wholesale properties” and “I buy houses” to find cash buyers as well.

People who place these ads online, in newspapers, bandit signs you see on corners, are investors. Call them up and see what they are buying. Ask if you can put them on your buyers list.

Also find out where your county sells foreclosed homes to the public. Go there looking for whose bidding on properties. Introduce yourself to these people as they are obviously buyers who have the means to close quickly. Ask if they’d like to be on your buyers list. Find out what type of properties they’re looking for and supply them with it.

It’s important to have an exit strategy before you risk your money. Hopefully these ideas will help you create yours.

Make good things happen,


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2 Negotiation Phrases That Help Create Bargain Prices

Posted on 09. Jan, 2012 by .


By knowing a few KEY phrases, you can many times create far
better bargains for yourself.

These negotiation phrases can be used when trying to get a
discount property, or literally a discount on anything where
you have the chance to talk to someone about a price on

Practice at yard sales…and every time you have the chance so
that it becomes second nature.

You’ll smile every time you get something for less than you were
willing to pay for it simply because you used phrases like…

“Would Ya Take…?” and “Is that the best you can do?”

I hope this helps you save money for the rest of your life 🙂

I’ll share more with you soon…


Mark ~

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Reverse Bandit Sign Marketing to Help You Find More Cash Buyers

Posted on 02. Jan, 2012 by .



Reverse bandit sign marketing is an easy to way to focus on
real estate investors in your area that are ACTIVE.

this can be a very quick way to get in the game by seeing
if they’re willing to “co-wholesale” deals to your buyers
list, along with allowing you to tap into theirs when you
have a property you need to sell quickly.

By establishing several of these relationships, you’ll have
a collection of all kinds of people who can help you make
money real estate investing from both the buy side and the
sell side.

I hope this helps!


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