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Below are things we found in our search to help my Father in his battle with cancer. I hope these Complimentary Cancer Treatments can be of help to you and the people you care about in time of need. Copy and paste them somewhere just in case you ever need it.

Please realize I’m not giving medical advice here. Just potentially helpful resources that you may find beneficial…

1.  Avemar, sold as Ave’ , is a fermented wheat germ compound that modulates the immune system so that your Natural Killer cells can identify and destroy enemy cells by unmasking them and starving them of the massive amounts of glucose they need to survive.

2.  ImmPower (AHCC) contains an amazingly potent substance derived from an extremely powerful hybrid mushroom with superior immune-enhancing properties. These active your Natural Killer cells to find harmful cells, shoot them with cytotoxic granules causing them to explode.

We purchased these products from the Harmony Company     1-800-819-7371

3.  Cancer patients seem to lose their appetite and have a hard time getting the nutrients they need.  “Ensure” is a company that provides protein/nutritional drinks. “Pure Protein” is a company that provides protein bars. Doctors can also prescribe appetite enhancers such as Megace and Marinol.

4. Hospice provides “end of life” care. Their mission is not to save the patient, but to make sure their final days are as pleasant as possible. These “days” however can last months if not years in some cases. Hospice is usually paid through Medicare when the patient is over 65, but make sure. For people under 65, it’s important to verify that your insurance will cover Hospice care.

There are different companies that provide Hospice care. I suggest asking doctors and nurses in your area which company they would recommend. After a while you will get to know which is the best. Then simply contact and interview them for yourself. They will come out, provide medicine, hospital bed, emotional/grief support, and more than I could possibly list here. They are real angels at a time when one needs them the most.




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  1. Rigger

    29. May, 2012

    And one other.Your body and blood PH should be at 7.4 balance.Cancer cells cannot live in this environment.They need sugar to stay active and survive on fermented glucose they make them selves with all the sugar you put in your body.Dom’t feed them and they will leave.To raise PH from toxic,you must use baking soda.Same as raising PH in a fish tank.A pinch of baking soda,3 times daily,and 1/2 t-spoon stirred in 2 ounces of water before bed,will slowly raise blood PH from toxic to 7.4 where needed.This will assure the blood stream is carring out its purpose and t-cells also naturally kill cancer cells,along with carrying more oxygen toe cells that need it.

  2. Don Jordan

    25. Jun, 2012

    TDM-1 cancer conjugate is combined with Hercepten which binds to cancer cells once it encounters
    them and has shown promise in shrinking tumors developed by Genentech under Roche and ImmuneGen Inc.made the technology to combine the drugs. This one is specifically for Breast Cancer but could have wide reaching applications for other cancers as well. The side effects are much less and less harmful to the system.

  3. Mike

    27. Jun, 2012

    Look up “Dr. Sebi” on youtube and google. Also check his website He went up against the judicial system and won to prove he can cure what he says he can cure. A friend of mine used his products for colon cancer that infected the liver and is now in remission after 9 months. Doctors had a grim look once they diagnosed her now they are “SHOCKED” by the remission. Save you family and friends with any disease now with Dr. Sebi.

  4. Gordon Hayden

    27. Aug, 2012

    Mark you may never have heard of this alternate cancer method but it is true and is effective. I too lost my Dad to prostate cancer which spread to his lungs and ultimately claimed him so I kinda know how you must feel. Unfortunately I knew very little about how to combat cancer back than as I do now. Basically in 2009 all I knew was to eliminate sugar from the diet and to use extra virgin olive oil as your exclusive cooking oil. Now I know about a website, and a book. called ‘’ which contains many ways to beat that condition. The best one I have found is a product made in South Carolina called Protocel. It is a non-toxic liquid that you can purchase inexpensively that when taken according to insturctions destroy cancer cells. When you viait the site you will learn how to order the product which comes in bottles. Though I have never used the product I believe this is the one panacea, although the book contains many other remedies. Anyone reading this please use Protocel asap. I have no financial connection to this but I want as many to be healed as possible. You’ve got to check tis out. THIS IS THE ANSWER!

  5. Dennis McManus

    01. Oct, 2012

    Hey Mark, I just started to read about soursop fruit. Thought you might want to find out about it.

  6. Regina

    01. Oct, 2012

    Hi Mark,

    So sorry to learn about the passing of your dad. I’m sure he played a very important role in your life and you will miss him immensely.

    There are a few people who have cured cancer by their years of expertise in the medical field…they are:; (Dr. Schulze). Review their websites, listen to the testimonials and judge for yourself.

    There are also a few on-line videos to give you more insight as to how this country produces genetic modified products and we are being pumped with these artificial hormones in everything we eat. See: Forks over Knives; Food Matters; The Gerson Miracle; Healing Cancer…all of which can be Googled.

    Another thing…taking a teaspoon of Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar on a daily basis helps your body’s pH balance. Each morning, take a teaspoon or like do (take a sip from the bottle) before eating breakfast. This will cure any bacteria, stabilize your body’s acidic enzymes, even eliminate heartburn or acid reflux. I know it may sound crazy, but even though your body may be acidic, it requires acid to stabilize it. So, apple cider vinegar or lemon are great natural products. Also, eliminate sugars and stay away from milk products…they cause mucus in your body. Unfortunately, our environment isn’t what it used to be years ago. We are exposed to many toxins and elements that have pervaded our lifestyles and now we must live a preventative life style as best we can. Having a garden helps, too. Vitamins B,C & D are essential.

  7. Anne

    23. Oct, 2012

    Sorry for your lost! I can relate, and thank you for sharing. May God bless you and yours. So much harmful substances in food and water supplies now a day that we do not aware of that causes so many diseases! Eat right and exercise are so important to all of us. Check out the books “Nature’s Medicines” page 359, by Gale Maleskey. great wealth and health to all.

  8. Mia

    02. Mar, 2013

    A vital aspect of cancer is that it requires a highly acidic environment. Our bodies have a natural PH balance of about 7.5. Anything higher is acidic. So to change one’s diet to few or no acidic foods can only rid the body of an environment that invites and/or supports cancer. A new product on the market is a water filter called Seychelle- The RAD version of the filter filters out 99.9% all contaminants (prescription medicines are now a common contaminant) and 100% of any radiological contaminants. One of the side-effects of the RAD version of the filter is that it reduces the PH balance of the body. Start drinking all water through the filter, even/especially bottled water and you stand to create a bodily environment that will not support cancer. Filters can be found at
    God Bless all.

  9. Mia

    02. Mar, 2013

    OOPS! Made a mistake. Acidic is lower than the 7.5 PH balance and alkaline is higher. Forgive the reversal.

  10. Bill

    22. May, 2013

    Hi Mark,

    I’m a colon cancer survivor (surgery 2 yrs ago) and I’ve been taking the One Minute Cure, a hydrogen peroxide self-administered treatment. A few drops in 6-8 oz distilled water, 3 times per day, costs about $0.015 per day.

    If I quit taking it, I start to feel that familiar lower abdominal pain after 2 or 3 weeks; I resume treatment and the pain goes away within a couple days.

    I’m recommending it to my family & friends not only for cancer, but for a multitude of other ailments, too.

    It oxygenates the body at the cellular level, kills all the bad guys (bacteria, viruses, toxins, pathogens) and rejuvenates healthy cells to strengthen the immune system so it can fight off just about anything.

    Check it out at

  11. Mel

    01. Jun, 2013

    Yes, diet is important. However, it is just the beginning. Find someone nearby that is a great chiropractor and/or alphabioticist. If the “wires” in your body are not working for some reason, then the messages that need to be conveyed to help your body heal will not get through. Get checked. Get adjusted/aligned. Do it as often as possible (especially if you are dealing with cancer). Best wishes and be well!

  12. BIG JOHN

    15. Jun, 2013

    Mark, as a family our hearts, thoughts and prayers are with you, in your loss. We have lost five family members to cancer. We began research as it seemed the doctors could not help. As with both Bill and Rigg we are now following a regimine of 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide diluted down per instructions as well as “PURE” maple syrup from health food store and baking soda mix boiled and diluted. The baking soda incorporates into the syrup mixture which the cancer cells fight to get at, once they consume it, Bang goes your home made I.E.D. destroying the cancer cells.

    John Pavelka

  13. Cynthia

    25. Jun, 2013

    Hello Mark,
    My prayer goes out to you and your family. In September 2012 I lost my Mother, and I wish there was something more that I could have done. I know that death is appointed to us all, but it is so hard to see our loved ones go from us in death.
    I am very impressed to see all the suggestions that have come in. This tells me that people are learning to heal themselves instead of depending on the doctors to continue to treat us with poison. Organic Spirulina, Chlorila and Wheat grass is good to balance the blood ph.
    Keep up the good work.


  14. Bob

    24. Jul, 2013

    Check out “The Hidden Story of Cancer” at ,




    18. Aug, 2013

    Drinking lemon juice is also a cure for cancer … and an alternative to chemotherapy. Check out

  16. Rigger

    22. Sep, 2013

    For those that believe in “Natural”cures,there IS a cure for cancer that your doctor can’t tell you about.I’ve researched for a long time and know it works because I’ve told others of this and the cured themselves.Just mix(in an electric blender)half a cup of cottage cheese(has sulfer)with 3 tablespoons of flaxseed oil(has an abundence of oxygen)and blend well. A tablespoon of this every six hours to the cancer victim will destroy the cancer. The oxygen in flaxseed oil can only be pulled out with the cemical reaction of the sulfur in the cottage cheese.Once this gets into your gut,the oxygen goesw directly into the blood stream,blood feeds the cancer cells in a tumor,blood also takes the Oxygen to these cells.As soon as the 02 hits a cancer cell,it is destroied.THIS IS an imediate reaction and within a month ALL cancer is GONE.Research this as I did and find out for yourself what your docyor dosen’t know about,cause if he/she knew,and told you,your doctor would lose license to practice.

  17. Carl

    21. Oct, 2013

    I was diagnosed with prostate cancer (PSA=42) 2 years ago. I didn’t like what was offered, too many side effects, so I did my own research. Found hypertherapie (hyperthermia) heat treatment in Germany, went, came back with 0.5 PSA and had a nice 1 week tour of Munich with no adverse consequences whatsoever except to wallet. Lasted 2 years, now I’m going again, PSA is 13.7 and rising. If I have to do this every 2 years, I will get to know Germany well. Berlin this time. Corruption in USA medicine severely limits our options.

  18. Phillip

    10. Nov, 2013

    Here are some additional sources to read about alternative cures for Cancer. Take the time to purchase these sources and read them over and over again, start on the protocols while you are learning. BooKs: Never Fear Cancer again, The cure for all Cancers, My favorite book “Cancer Free” by Bill Henderson and DR Carlos M.Garcia MD. The Budwig Protocol, Lataril. There are millions of alternative cures to Cancer. Just don’t settle for conventional treatments. Educate yourself or have a love one do research and more research, then impliment what you learn. Educate yourself aobut the PSA test and what he founder of the test has said about it. I won’t disguss it here, Learn form the founder himself. You will be surprised.

  19. Lee

    13. Dec, 2013

    We are so sorry for your loss. Our deepest sympathy.
    My wife is a 11 year, this coming January, breast cancer survivor, stage 2.
    If we didn’t do our own research, I’m positive my wife would not be a survivor. The only thing the doctors prescribed, including Moffett Cancer Center, was chemo, radiation and tomoxifen. There was no guarantee that it would help but the side effects would have probably kill her.
    In our research we found Dr. Lee, whose book “What Dr’s May Not Tell You About Breast Cancer”. READ
    Also Suzanne Somers, remember TV show Threes Company, used “mistletoe” oil, to treat her breast cancer. A European cure unavailable in the US because the pharmaceutical companies would not make any money from it.
    We are both grateful that we did research. Its sad that money comes before a humans life. Laws need to be changed so Doctors in the US can prescribe something that works. Get rid of lobbyist.
    Yes, we were afraid not knowing what would or would not work. DO RESEARCH. SPEAK WITH OTHERS AND LEARN WHAT YOUR ALTERNATIVES ARE.

  20. Alison

    17. Dec, 2013

    Hi Mark,
    My brother is now fighting prostate cancer which has leeched into his bones. I have tried to send him different information about cures but I can’t make him follow them. He lives 4500 miles away and I can hear on the phone that the life is draining out of him. I am so thankful that you put this video up. I have read so much new information that I can give him. Thank you to all the people who posted their experiences and research here. Please tell your loved ones, “Do not go gentle into that good night” Dylan Thomas
    Life is so precious.

  21. rafael

    27. Jan, 2014

    There is no incurable disease! that is Dr Richard Shulze book. I believe our bodies can heal themselves of any disease if we are willing to learn,try and CHANGE WHAT WE WERE DOING THAT BROUGHT US TO THE DISEASE. Medical doctors are good for fixing trauma. but they have not a clue on how to cure disease. Flee from medical doctors,hospitals and pharmaceutical drugs. learn how your body works,stop doing the things that got you sick and start doing the ones that will heal you. Dr shulze can show you how!

  22. Diana Kelley

    13. Mar, 2014

    I WANT TO EXTEND MY CONDOLENCES ON THE PASSING OF YOUR FATHER. DEATH LEAVES A BIG HOLE IN OUR CHESTS AT LOSING A LOVED ONE. MY FRIEND HAD BEEN DIAGNOSED WITH PANCREATIC CANCER LAST MONTH. WE CRIED AND CRIED TOGETHER AND ALONE. I DON’T MAKE FRIENDS BUT SHE IS MY DEAR FRIEND AND MY ONLY FRIEND. TWO WEEKS AGO SHE WAS HAVING ANOTHER BIOPSY, THEY PUT HER UNDER AND WAS READY TO PUT THE NEEDLE IN WHEN THE DOCTOR SAID,” I DON’T SEE IT NOW. Where is it? Well it’s not cancer. Cancer stays, it doesn’t go away.” Well the moral of the story is with Christ ALL things are possible. My friend had over 450 Christians praying for her. I gave up 15 years of my life for Christ to give them to her. I’ve lived a long life at 65 and her only in her early fifties. The tumor is gone and she and I can talk and laugh again. THANK YOU JESUS CHRIST
    I don’t know if Christ took fifteen years off my life but I’m glad he saved my friend, Kathy. Love you girl it’s her Birthday today our husbands and us are going to Olive Gardens.

  23. alicia

    24. Jun, 2014

    Dear Mark,
    So sorry to hear about your loss,I too lost my dear father to Pancreatic Ca.This site is very important and I just want to thank you for having the fore sight to put it up.I just also want to thank everyone for sharing.Because you never know how many lives you all have just improved or saved by the information that you just shared!

  24. Mike McHenry

    01. Mar, 2016

    Hello Mark, I too am so sorry about your father but for the rest of us there really is hope. There is a all natural product called Shiagqa that is not only excellent at killing cancer but at nearly every condition imaginable. Just to be clear I love helping people and if I can also get paid for it will help you and I to spread the good news further and faster. Please don’t discount this unless you love being sick and in pain. Strengthens immune system.
    Increases blood circulation
    Raises oxygen levels
    Speeds up metabolism of body cells
    Regulates positive and negative ions within the body
    Removes harmful toxins
    Relieves joint and muscle pain
    Alleviates physical stress, stiffness, cramps or discomfort
    Controls swelling
    Reduces water retention
    Relieves fatigue and tiredness
    Promotes quality sleep
    Slows down aging, just to name a few benefits.
    Here is a pre-recorded call telling all about it.
    1-641-715-3589 then 949458# then 42#. The product will be available in the US in the next few days just keep checking back at the site.
    Once again, I love helping people and have given away more wonderful health products than I have ever sold.


    12. Mar, 2017

    Brother MARK, you have my sincerest sympathy as I too lost Dad to cancer and did not know anything about the alternative therapies in supplement form. My recommendation is the book already mentioned, OUTSMART YOUR CANCER, by Tanya Pierce. She is marvelously informed and honest with 15 miracle solutions in her book plus a CD of actual testimonials from cancer survivors. I am now in my 3rd month of using PROTOCEL 50 for Esophageal Cancer diagnosed last Nov 2016, and I must say I do feel great as I refused Chemo and Radiation. (Pg. 205 tells you how to get the supplement.) My prayers to you Mark, and everyone confronting Cancer, -This is a battle now being WON everyday to those who choose to take control of their own lives. GOD BLESS YOU

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